Why I'm writing about studying again?

I knew it! I knew I'm not going to get accepted to the University of Tampere! But it doesn't matter, I was accepted to SEDU, an vocational school. In two years I'll be either a cook or a waitress. I haven't decided yet.

Last two hours I've been scrolling through Seinäjoki folk high school's list of courses. Now it seems like I'm going to spend 200 euros there. Enrolling starts in 17.08. and I have four courses I'm going to enroll. Two theater groups, folk singing and Finnish sign language. I think I'll have to drop some of them out because I may not have enough time since I have to start studying for next year's entrance examinations. Yes, I don't know which books we have to read and yes, I'm going to read this year's because I think it would be helpful.

I think I'm the one who is going to study forever. I'm addicted to it. I enjoy the way markers, notebooks and books smell. I love the 'I know way too much and now my head is going to explode' feeling. Of course I'm always self-ironic because I never did my homework. If I did, it was five minutes before class started and in first six grades I looked answers from Simo or Jerry. I don't know how I passed most of my classes because all what I did was sleeping the book under my pillow. Really.

So now when I'm having withdrawal symptoms from studying, I'm doing something that most of people says isn't normal. I'm studying in HogwartsIsHere. Yes. In web!Hogwarts. And you guys thought I couldn't get any crazier. Well, I've always managed to surprise everyone. I'm a first-year Slytherin. My favourite class is History of Magic. Oh my gods I'm starting to sound like Hermione. now. I'm also taking Disney Literature Weeks, they're so interesting! We really analyze the movies and compare them to the original stories.

I really like the fact that something like this is made by Harry Potter fans. Disney Lit Week lessons are like from my upper secondary school's Finnish literature classes. Except more fun when it's being about Disney AND optional. Of course I'm thrilled to take Charms and Potions to see how they are done. How we are going to practice spells and brewing potions without really doing it. It's exciting to see! I've liked the way the classes have been made (I'm also in Astronomy), the professors must have been working hard because the quality of lessons is very high.

I admire how much time they have put in this. They work hard to give other Potter fans enchanting and inspiring experience of studying in a wizarding school. There are a lot of people behind HogwartsIsHere and it's amazing to see how hard EVERYONE works to keep it going and active. They have professors, prefects and everything. They have A LIBRARY. In their library you can find your school books and actually read them. It's amazing.

Yes, I know about Pottermore. I'm Slytherin there also. Of course. I AM a Slytherin. But it doesn't give the same experience of learning. Not the same way. Don't get me wrong I love it how you can get a new information about Harry Potter universe in Pottermore, but sometimes I miss authentic feeling of Hogwarts. And it is something HogwartsIsHere gives.

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Had some Greek today

We watched Hercules today and I got annoyed about bending the truth mythology. Hera wasn't his mother, his name was Herakles and the list goes on. Still I managed to enjoy the movie. It's from the time when they still drew those movies.

I decided to do some reading and came to conclusion that the Greek mythology is the most complex one. I get confused with gods and different creatures and their duties. I have to be honest, this shit is hard to learn. I will try my best because I'm planning my Gods and Goddesses of the World post series. I've tried writing the first one but it's hard because I want every post be the same style and I'm a master of changing style. :'D

And I've been thinking the pattern. Should I post i.e. gods of thunder first then goddesses of motherhood and like that? Should I post in the alphabetical order? Should I post males or females first? I just can't make up my mind. The story of my life.

But now back to the Greek. I think I understand the origins of everything but I'm not sure. I don't know if I don't know what I don't know.

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np: Khaled - C'est La Vie

I've been getting weird book ideas lately. Latest one is Jumalapeli (God game in English), but I don't know if I am ever going to publish it. It's going to be a fantasy mixed with religious influences. I like the idea, I like almost all of my ideas, but I have plenty of them and so little time. I'm going to make more time for witchcraft and writing when my summer job (and upper secondary school) ends in 30.5.. I've decided that during the summer I'm going to finish first drafts from two books. I don't decide which ones because then I won't write anything, but when the first snow comes I will have to completed books. Editing will be exciting and new for me, but I don't care actually. I can imagine how good I will feel when I get first drafts done.

Another thing that has happened lately is that evil eye has came to Seinäjoki. Almost five months ago the boy I knew killed himself and from that day, the amount of homicides and accidents have increased almost like an explosion. I have my suspicions about one person, who first arrived here five months ago. At first I thought I was just being paranoid and afraid that I'm becoming insane. In a WhatsApp group I asked if anyone has noticed how these things has been happening almost weekly. So many people have died. Last night I prayed for protection for the whole county. I wish I'm just being paranoid, but I guess I'm not because everyone else are noticing it.

I'm worried but I'm going to find out if I'm right. I hope I'm not.

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np: Youngblood - Youngblood

I'm so awful person. Last time I wrote was four months ago. I've been trying to figure out nice posts, but my creativity has died. Or so it feels.

Today I'm having a Canadian coming over again. I'm so excited, I get to speak English again! I've been looking back to my trip to Canada and having our Canadians here. It's been two years! TWO. Time has passed faster than I thought it would. The week I was in Canada was the best week of my life and I've been stressing about this new Canadian, because I don't know if I can give her same kind of experience. I'm not very social though yesterday I had fun with my Rainbow Support Group. ueers everywhere and stuff. Transgenders too, of course. You get the picture.  We had fun, we went to the wicket (? I don't know if it's the right word) and grilled sausages. After that we went to the Bar Nostalgia. Karaoke and Crowmoor.

But back to the Canadian.

I don't know her at all. I don't know what kind of things she likes. I'm so screwed! Oh gods, I wish I knew more than a name. What if she hates witches? What if she's rich and doesn't like my almost poor family? What if she hates fat people? WHAT IF SHE HATES ME?! I hope I'm good enough. I hope she likes it here. What if she hates books? My living room is full of books! I'm walking example of an introvert book nerd.

At the same time I'm afraid that she is just like me. What if she is more talented witch than me and she just laughs at me? Or we are both beginners and we don't have anything to discuss or she is more beginner than me and expects me to teach something to her? I CAN'T TEACH ANYONE ANYTHING. Except little facts about Harry Potter. Oh gods. I don't know anything about anything.

Maybe I should just go and throw up.

I don't know if I can do this.

I'm such a loser.

Oh gods.

Oh no.

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My first proper ritual!

In 25th of December in 2014, I did my first proper ritual. It was quite hard without all the right supplies, but it was a spell to protect my Road trip fund. I trust my friends that visit me, but I certainly don't trust my parents. Just in case I protected it and at the same time I wished a help to banish my bad habit (and sort of addiction) - spending money as fast as I can.

I took a quick picture from the beginning, this was the first round. After this, I added runes for each point of the pentagram and then I drew the pentagrams. On the other side of that note reads (in Finnish):

The top label, from the poem of Gringotts.

"Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn."

And yes, it is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It's from the poem that is carved on the door at Gringotts.

Yes, that's Hitch Hikers Guide TO Galaxy next to it.

And here's pictures of that jar! It's plastic, because I re-used an old candy box. I ripped the labels and made a new one. It's not a real parchament (unfortunately!), it's normal paper which I moistened with Twinings Vanilla tea. :'D I like that it's very beautiful, so I made it when we had kind of heat wave in Finland last summer. And yes, the text from the front label is kind of quote from Titanic theme My Heart Will Go On, I just changed to we because I'm not heading to roadtrips without friends.

Now the only problem I have is how to get money. My study allowance ended, because I graduate in May but I don't have any finals left to do. So I'm on my own and struggling to get my bills paid.

I'm sorry, but I forgot to took pictures from the second and third steps. because I was so excited and nervous. The first time in a looooong time when I felt the magick flowing through me. And it was amazing.

Sorry for the extra bad English, but my mum and grandmother are at the hospital at the moment so I have plenty of things on my mind right now.

Have a blessed new year everyone! ♥

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I ♥ Studying

Merry meet!

I feel like bad witch for not writing here regularly. :/ But today I want to tell you about Coursera, a website for everyone who loves to study. In Coursera you can take courses from all over the world, mostly from the countries where English is the major language. They're kept by University professors/instructors/teachers and you can even receive a Statement of Accomplishment if you achieve well! The best thing is, Coursera is free.

At the moment I've enrolled in four courses on Coursera: Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction, Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master though subjects, First Year Teaching (Secondary Grades) - Success from the Start and Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine. Presumed Innocent is going on now, but others are starting in few weeks. The most interesting course of those is Traditional Medicine and I took it because I want to know the alternative ways to do things. Not always taking ibuprofein and that kind of stuff. Good witch knows ways to help naturally! Or something like that. xD

Anyway, you can find Coursera behin this link.

You may not believe it by my Upper Secondary School grades, but I love studying and I think I will study different things for the rest of my life just to have fun. I want to receive as much knowledge as I can and I am a hard-worker if the subject interests me. At Upper Secondary School I've been lazy about subjects which are very hard to me (i.e. Swedish and maths) and devoted to courses I'm good or interested in (i.e. psychology and history). Also I've studied every language my Upper Secondary School has to offer: Latin. Spanish, French, German and Russian. Most of them I don't speak very well, because my lack of practice, but in the future I thought that it would be nice to study wookie, arabic, sindar, quenya and klingon. Yes, four of them are for nerds. x) Actually I also thought that it would be nice to study some language that is meant to be the "universal" language. That kinds have been made already.

And languages. Another page you should hear about is Duolingo. It is a website where you can learn different languages and it has an app too! I don't know if you can get it to Android, but for iOS there is an app. I have it and at the moment I'm learning German, French, Italian and Spanish. It's insanely easy and the app can remind you of practicing if you want to! I love it, because it's so easy. :'D Try it, if you need something to do or if you're interested in learning new languages!

How many of you know my undying obsession for Harry Potter? :D (No, I'm not wiccan because of that. I couldn't be, this is something you either are or not. There's no maybe) Well, there's a virtual Hogwarts, which isn't anything extraordinary because that kinds of role playing sites you can find many. Hogwarts is Here, or HiH like we call it, is a very extraordinary virtual Hogwarts indeed. It's the biggest I've ever seen and the most accurate. You can "study" seven different subjects if you want to, collect points for your house and stuff like that. It has over 20 000 students! At the moment the biggest house is Ravenclaw and the smallest is Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is leader in the House Cup also. ._.' Slytherins should be more active, we don't want Gryffindors to win us.

Yes, I'm a slytherin. :D I have earned 127 house points so far and my strongest subject is Astronomy. I wanted it to be History of Magic, because professor Balog is Slytherin Head of House and the headmaster, but... I'm just Exceeding Expectations. ._. And my Potions grade is Acceptable. :D Oops. But yeah, I love HiH. The creators put so much effort in it that it almost makes me cry. xD It's amazing how well it goes on and how devoted people are.

Oh gods, I'm studying imaginary subjects and almost everything else than the subjects I'm taking in Matriculation Examination. :'D I should start reading Swedish and Finnish. Really, I want that Laudatur! And A from Swedish would be amazing. So, maybe I should pay attention to the things that are important when the school starts.


Merry part!

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12. A Letter from Death Row

(I wrote this thing about an year ago for my English class. The number is just one essay thing, doesn't mean anything in this text. Thank you. Enjoy. Please.)
12. A Letter from Death Row

Dear mom and dad,

I’m so sorry I wasn’t that kind of son you wanted. I did my mistakes, some of them too big. Don’t blame my friends, I was the one to make the decision to kill him. They tried to stop me but I didn’t listen.  Mom always said I’m an old oaf who does whatever he wants. Kind of funny it led me to this point.

I just want to say I love you. So much that it hurts. I want you to know, I always wanted to be perfect. It just turned out and I lost my conciousness of right and wrong. You were the best parents boy could have, I just wasn’t the best boy parents could have. I regret all the things I’ve said, did or left undone.
Tell my sisters I love them. Lianna, you’re way too beautiful to waste your time with idiots like me. Brittany, you’re the brightest star our theater could have, but don’t let your intelligence go waste. I love you both and now you know how to help your own sons if they end up being like me.

When they told me I had two options, poison or electrocution, I chose electrocution, because it will hurt. I know that, and I want it. You may think I’ve gone mad or something, but I’m not. Mom, I hurted him and his family so much. It’s unfair to you that you have to lose someone too, but it makes victim’s family feel better. Dad, you always said big boys don’t cry. I’m a man now, and I cry because I fear facing death alone. I’m sorry you can’t meet me in Heaven, but murderers and pagans go to Hell.

Your remorseful son,

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