Why I'm writing about studying again?

I knew it! I knew I'm not going to get accepted to the University of Tampere! But it doesn't matter, I was accepted to SEDU, an vocational school. In two years I'll be either a cook or a waitress. I haven't decided yet.

Last two hours I've been scrolling through Seinäjoki folk high school's list of courses. Now it seems like I'm going to spend 200 euros there. Enrolling starts in 17.08. and I have four courses I'm going to enroll. Two theater groups, folk singing and Finnish sign language. I think I'll have to drop some of them out because I may not have enough time since I have to start studying for next year's entrance examinations. Yes, I don't know which books we have to read and yes, I'm going to read this year's because I think it would be helpful.

I think I'm the one who is going to study forever. I'm addicted to it. I enjoy the way markers, notebooks and books smell. I love the 'I know way too much and now my head is going to explode' feeling. Of course I'm always self-ironic because I never did my homework. If I did, it was five minutes before class started and in first six grades I looked answers from Simo or Jerry. I don't know how I passed most of my classes because all what I did was sleeping the book under my pillow. Really.

So now when I'm having withdrawal symptoms from studying, I'm doing something that most of people says isn't normal. I'm studying in HogwartsIsHere. Yes. In web!Hogwarts. And you guys thought I couldn't get any crazier. Well, I've always managed to surprise everyone. I'm a first-year Slytherin. My favourite class is History of Magic. Oh my gods I'm starting to sound like Hermione. now. I'm also taking Disney Literature Weeks, they're so interesting! We really analyze the movies and compare them to the original stories.

I really like the fact that something like this is made by Harry Potter fans. Disney Lit Week lessons are like from my upper secondary school's Finnish literature classes. Except more fun when it's being about Disney AND optional. Of course I'm thrilled to take Charms and Potions to see how they are done. How we are going to practice spells and brewing potions without really doing it. It's exciting to see! I've liked the way the classes have been made (I'm also in Astronomy), the professors must have been working hard because the quality of lessons is very high.

I admire how much time they have put in this. They work hard to give other Potter fans enchanting and inspiring experience of studying in a wizarding school. There are a lot of people behind HogwartsIsHere and it's amazing to see how hard EVERYONE works to keep it going and active. They have professors, prefects and everything. They have A LIBRARY. In their library you can find your school books and actually read them. It's amazing.

Yes, I know about Pottermore. I'm Slytherin there also. Of course. I AM a Slytherin. But it doesn't give the same experience of learning. Not the same way. Don't get me wrong I love it how you can get a new information about Harry Potter universe in Pottermore, but sometimes I miss authentic feeling of Hogwarts. And it is something HogwartsIsHere gives.

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Posted by Anonymous ( Thursday, July 23, 2015 )

Reading stuff like this, I am really starting to feel like I am not a "real" potterhead after all...

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