Had some Greek today

We watched Hercules today and I got annoyed about bending the truth mythology. Hera wasn't his mother, his name was Herakles and the list goes on. Still I managed to enjoy the movie. It's from the time when they still drew those movies.

I decided to do some reading and came to conclusion that the Greek mythology is the most complex one. I get confused with gods and different creatures and their duties. I have to be honest, this shit is hard to learn. I will try my best because I'm planning my Gods and Goddesses of the World post series. I've tried writing the first one but it's hard because I want every post be the same style and I'm a master of changing style. :'D

And I've been thinking the pattern. Should I post i.e. gods of thunder first then goddesses of motherhood and like that? Should I post in the alphabetical order? Should I post males or females first? I just can't make up my mind. The story of my life.

But now back to the Greek. I think I understand the origins of everything but I'm not sure. I don't know if I don't know what I don't know.

6.23.2015 Time 12:59:00 am

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