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I've been getting weird book ideas lately. Latest one is Jumalapeli (God game in English), but I don't know if I am ever going to publish it. It's going to be a fantasy mixed with religious influences. I like the idea, I like almost all of my ideas, but I have plenty of them and so little time. I'm going to make more time for witchcraft and writing when my summer job (and upper secondary school) ends in 30.5.. I've decided that during the summer I'm going to finish first drafts from two books. I don't decide which ones because then I won't write anything, but when the first snow comes I will have to completed books. Editing will be exciting and new for me, but I don't care actually. I can imagine how good I will feel when I get first drafts done.

Another thing that has happened lately is that evil eye has came to Seinäjoki. Almost five months ago the boy I knew killed himself and from that day, the amount of homicides and accidents have increased almost like an explosion. I have my suspicions about one person, who first arrived here five months ago. At first I thought I was just being paranoid and afraid that I'm becoming insane. In a WhatsApp group I asked if anyone has noticed how these things has been happening almost weekly. So many people have died. Last night I prayed for protection for the whole county. I wish I'm just being paranoid, but I guess I'm not because everyone else are noticing it.

I'm worried but I'm going to find out if I'm right. I hope I'm not.

4.29.2015 Time 9:03:00 am

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