My first proper ritual!

In 25th of December in 2014, I did my first proper ritual. It was quite hard without all the right supplies, but it was a spell to protect my Road trip fund. I trust my friends that visit me, but I certainly don't trust my parents. Just in case I protected it and at the same time I wished a help to banish my bad habit (and sort of addiction) - spending money as fast as I can.

I took a quick picture from the beginning, this was the first round. After this, I added runes for each point of the pentagram and then I drew the pentagrams. On the other side of that note reads (in Finnish):

The top label, from the poem of Gringotts.

"Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn."

And yes, it is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It's from the poem that is carved on the door at Gringotts.

Yes, that's Hitch Hikers Guide TO Galaxy next to it.

And here's pictures of that jar! It's plastic, because I re-used an old candy box. I ripped the labels and made a new one. It's not a real parchament (unfortunately!), it's normal paper which I moistened with Twinings Vanilla tea. :'D I like that it's very beautiful, so I made it when we had kind of heat wave in Finland last summer. And yes, the text from the front label is kind of quote from Titanic theme My Heart Will Go On, I just changed to we because I'm not heading to roadtrips without friends.

Now the only problem I have is how to get money. My study allowance ended, because I graduate in May but I don't have any finals left to do. So I'm on my own and struggling to get my bills paid.

I'm sorry, but I forgot to took pictures from the second and third steps. because I was so excited and nervous. The first time in a looooong time when I felt the magick flowing through me. And it was amazing.

Sorry for the extra bad English, but my mum and grandmother are at the hospital at the moment so I have plenty of things on my mind right now.

Have a blessed new year everyone! ♥

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I ♥ Studying

Merry meet!

I feel like bad witch for not writing here regularly. :/ But today I want to tell you about Coursera, a website for everyone who loves to study. In Coursera you can take courses from all over the world, mostly from the countries where English is the major language. They're kept by University professors/instructors/teachers and you can even receive a Statement of Accomplishment if you achieve well! The best thing is, Coursera is free.

At the moment I've enrolled in four courses on Coursera: Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction, Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master though subjects, First Year Teaching (Secondary Grades) - Success from the Start and Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine. Presumed Innocent is going on now, but others are starting in few weeks. The most interesting course of those is Traditional Medicine and I took it because I want to know the alternative ways to do things. Not always taking ibuprofein and that kind of stuff. Good witch knows ways to help naturally! Or something like that. xD

Anyway, you can find Coursera behin this link.

You may not believe it by my Upper Secondary School grades, but I love studying and I think I will study different things for the rest of my life just to have fun. I want to receive as much knowledge as I can and I am a hard-worker if the subject interests me. At Upper Secondary School I've been lazy about subjects which are very hard to me (i.e. Swedish and maths) and devoted to courses I'm good or interested in (i.e. psychology and history). Also I've studied every language my Upper Secondary School has to offer: Latin. Spanish, French, German and Russian. Most of them I don't speak very well, because my lack of practice, but in the future I thought that it would be nice to study wookie, arabic, sindar, quenya and klingon. Yes, four of them are for nerds. x) Actually I also thought that it would be nice to study some language that is meant to be the "universal" language. That kinds have been made already.

And languages. Another page you should hear about is Duolingo. It is a website where you can learn different languages and it has an app too! I don't know if you can get it to Android, but for iOS there is an app. I have it and at the moment I'm learning German, French, Italian and Spanish. It's insanely easy and the app can remind you of practicing if you want to! I love it, because it's so easy. :'D Try it, if you need something to do or if you're interested in learning new languages!

How many of you know my undying obsession for Harry Potter? :D (No, I'm not wiccan because of that. I couldn't be, this is something you either are or not. There's no maybe) Well, there's a virtual Hogwarts, which isn't anything extraordinary because that kinds of role playing sites you can find many. Hogwarts is Here, or HiH like we call it, is a very extraordinary virtual Hogwarts indeed. It's the biggest I've ever seen and the most accurate. You can "study" seven different subjects if you want to, collect points for your house and stuff like that. It has over 20 000 students! At the moment the biggest house is Ravenclaw and the smallest is Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is leader in the House Cup also. ._.' Slytherins should be more active, we don't want Gryffindors to win us.

Yes, I'm a slytherin. :D I have earned 127 house points so far and my strongest subject is Astronomy. I wanted it to be History of Magic, because professor Balog is Slytherin Head of House and the headmaster, but... I'm just Exceeding Expectations. ._. And my Potions grade is Acceptable. :D Oops. But yeah, I love HiH. The creators put so much effort in it that it almost makes me cry. xD It's amazing how well it goes on and how devoted people are.

Oh gods, I'm studying imaginary subjects and almost everything else than the subjects I'm taking in Matriculation Examination. :'D I should start reading Swedish and Finnish. Really, I want that Laudatur! And A from Swedish would be amazing. So, maybe I should pay attention to the things that are important when the school starts.


Merry part!

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12. A Letter from Death Row

(I wrote this thing about an year ago for my English class. The number is just one essay thing, doesn't mean anything in this text. Thank you. Enjoy. Please.)
12. A Letter from Death Row

Dear mom and dad,

I’m so sorry I wasn’t that kind of son you wanted. I did my mistakes, some of them too big. Don’t blame my friends, I was the one to make the decision to kill him. They tried to stop me but I didn’t listen.  Mom always said I’m an old oaf who does whatever he wants. Kind of funny it led me to this point.

I just want to say I love you. So much that it hurts. I want you to know, I always wanted to be perfect. It just turned out and I lost my conciousness of right and wrong. You were the best parents boy could have, I just wasn’t the best boy parents could have. I regret all the things I’ve said, did or left undone.
Tell my sisters I love them. Lianna, you’re way too beautiful to waste your time with idiots like me. Brittany, you’re the brightest star our theater could have, but don’t let your intelligence go waste. I love you both and now you know how to help your own sons if they end up being like me.

When they told me I had two options, poison or electrocution, I chose electrocution, because it will hurt. I know that, and I want it. You may think I’ve gone mad or something, but I’m not. Mom, I hurted him and his family so much. It’s unfair to you that you have to lose someone too, but it makes victim’s family feel better. Dad, you always said big boys don’t cry. I’m a man now, and I cry because I fear facing death alone. I’m sorry you can’t meet me in Heaven, but murderers and pagans go to Hell.

Your remorseful son,

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I've been sad a lot lately.

(Sorry I haven't been doing anything with this blog! I've been mostly busy and I haven't had anything to say. Now I want to be honest with the question 'How are you?' because I feel like I need to tell someone how I feel. So here it goes.)

Sometimes I wonder if my stepfather's only joy is making me cry. He insults me, doesn't let me finish my sentences and acts like I'm a five-year-old girl who doesn't understand anything. He can't accept the fact that I may be right sometimes.

And for the first time ever, I'm actually able to accept the fact that the only thing that matters about me is my weight.

Mom doesn't ask me how I am today or how is it going. Instead she asks me have I been eating a lot lately and when I'm going to start losing weight. She doesn't want me to eat my depression pills because 'they're making you fat'. My symptoms of depression are the features of my laziness, they both think.

There are days I sit on the floor of my living room having a panic attack because I don't eat my medicine. I scratch my feet, my face and I bite my hands. I can't move, because I'm afraid that someone's gonna kill me. My hallucional panic attacks are getting worse and I have to manage my own.

There are days I want to break every mirror I see just to avoid my face. My face, which has red scratching marks and pimples. On those days I look in the mirror and see a monster.

Every day I avoid full-body mirrors. I do 't want to see how huge I am. But sometimes I get stuck in front of that kind of mirror and can't do anything but think 'how anyone could ever love someone as fat as you? How?! No one likes a whale-sized girl'.

There are days I don't eat. Days when I feel like I don't deserve it. Days when I enjoy having my stomach growl and ache for food. Days when I throw up on purpose. Days when all I can think of is getting thin.

Every day I think how pretty I would look as a glass skeleton. A girl who doesn't have any fat in her body.

Every day I see my thick thighs and bloated stomach. I want a thigh gap. I want to my stomach be like a pit instead of mountain.

Some days I feel myself okay. Those days are very rare, but on those days I accept and celebrate myself.

Mostly I just look at the mirror disgusted and wanting to cut and carve all the fat away.

But every morning and evening I pray. I pray for gods to help me in my situation and Goddess and Frigga soothe me to sleep. Every day is a fight, but in every prayer I thank them how much they put effort to lift weight off my shoulders. I'm thankful for them and the Creator of my life, but sometimes this life is way too hard to live.

I need someone to rely on, but in the same time I don't want to rely on anyone. I may be devastated at a times, but before anything I'm a slytherin and I should be able to stand on my own. Slytherins don't stumble and fall, they are independent. I don't trust anyone but Simo.

But he's like the other ones. Away and not interested. He's too busy to think of me and call me. He's the only one whose call would light up my whole day, whose text can make my day, but he doesn't do it, because he doesn't care. Just like the others.

I am going to stand on my own. I must not need anyone. I have only me to trust and rely on.

No one else is worthy of my trust.

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Annoyed witch? Yes I am!

Right now we're meeting not so merrily, because I'm so annoyed about something in our world.

And it's something I came up while discussing at witchcraft forums. There is a plenty of teenagers and adults who don't understand the real power of magick. They don't understand how it works, they think they can hurt people without universe and gods getting them. They don't understand that if you ask something, you also have to give something. Nothing comes free and what goes around comes around.

Many of them search for love spells. There are some love spells which ideas I don't like. A love spell which affects only one person is something I consider a black magic. It's psychical violence when you force someone to love you and it makes me sick. How someone can live with the fact that this person is in love with me just because I bewitched him/her?! The worst thing is that you hurt someone who you say you love. If you truly loved him/her, you would leave him/her alone if they turn you down. If you truly loved someone, you would never ever hurt them. The worst way to hurt someone is to violate one physically.The wounds will never heal and one will always doubt one's own choices.You would hurt his/hers family and closest friends, because relationships affect each other.


Some of them are spells which are meant to hurt your enemies. Many of these require very special rituals and potions and if ingredient list doesn't scream for black magic, which does? Many of them require human blood and human bones. Hello! HUMAN parts. If you are ready to dig bones from someone's grave and cut yourself just to hurt someone, you should go and see psychiatrist. Really. I do know the feeling when a pure hate fills you up and tells you to do something, it's a moment of pure madness. The last thing you could do is really hurt the person who hurt you. When you cast a spell, you have to be sure that you know what you are doing. You are hurting plenty of people and the universe and gods are going to hurt you and your familiars.


And then the spells of money. There are some spells that are actually good and do no harm to others, but there are also those which are nothing but bad. If you make a spell to help you with finding a job, that's okay, but making a spell to get that promotion which was already promised to your friend. No, it doesn't matter how much you need it, you didn't earn it and it doesn't belong to you. Gods and universe will still make you pay for that.


This is something that had been bothering me quite a long time. Thanks for listening to me. :D If there is something in witchcraft which bothers or confuses you, don't be afraid to ask! I promise I'll answer. In a post or by e-mail, if you give me yours.

Now, something about posts:

I have one upcoming post about my quill and inks, but I've thought about series of posts about gods and goddesses. I thought it would be nice and interesting to make those, but it would also affect my posting rate. I'm awfully aware that there's only a few posts I've made under the name La Vida Wicca and there's still ones I made when this blog wasn't focused in witchcraft. This would guarantee you that I'm posting at least once in a month. I will try to write one per two weeks, but I know that it don't work that way, because I'm so lazy little witch. ;D

But now, merrily we part!

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np: Tom Felton - Time Well Spent

Merry meet!

I'm so bored I could die. It sounds impossible, because I could - and I should! -study. In next month I have one of my finals, psychology and I want to be good. Yesterday I had finnish finals and now I'm so tired of studying. I've tried watching a movie, but I can't concentrate and I've watched my Moomins a thousand times already. I miss my friends, though it also sound impossible, I was hanging out with them yesterday at school after my finals.

I'm also kinda confused. I try to write a good english, but right now I don't care. I read few chapters from different Harry Potter fanfics, but now I'm bored at that. I'm listening to Tom Felton and can't help wondering how multitalented that guy is. The most amazing thing in his songs are the british accent. He doesn't hide it when he sings and it's the best thing ever. British accent is something I would love to have, I would always be speaking in english.

I'm sorry for this short post and being so weird. I've been reading for finals a few months now and in that time I've read only one book which isn't one of my school books. I read Ibsen's Doll House, because I had to read it for my finnish course. It's the only one I've read in few months. I'm going crazy with these grammar rules in finnish and all psychological terms I have to study. So now I'm updating this blog and my finnish blog, just because I'm overly bored and I can't think much.

Sorry for this extraordinary bad english!

Merry part,


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