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I feel like bad witch for not writing here regularly. :/ But today I want to tell you about Coursera, a website for everyone who loves to study. In Coursera you can take courses from all over the world, mostly from the countries where English is the major language. They're kept by University professors/instructors/teachers and you can even receive a Statement of Accomplishment if you achieve well! The best thing is, Coursera is free.

At the moment I've enrolled in four courses on Coursera: Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction, Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master though subjects, First Year Teaching (Secondary Grades) - Success from the Start and Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine. Presumed Innocent is going on now, but others are starting in few weeks. The most interesting course of those is Traditional Medicine and I took it because I want to know the alternative ways to do things. Not always taking ibuprofein and that kind of stuff. Good witch knows ways to help naturally! Or something like that. xD

Anyway, you can find Coursera behin this link.

You may not believe it by my Upper Secondary School grades, but I love studying and I think I will study different things for the rest of my life just to have fun. I want to receive as much knowledge as I can and I am a hard-worker if the subject interests me. At Upper Secondary School I've been lazy about subjects which are very hard to me (i.e. Swedish and maths) and devoted to courses I'm good or interested in (i.e. psychology and history). Also I've studied every language my Upper Secondary School has to offer: Latin. Spanish, French, German and Russian. Most of them I don't speak very well, because my lack of practice, but in the future I thought that it would be nice to study wookie, arabic, sindar, quenya and klingon. Yes, four of them are for nerds. x) Actually I also thought that it would be nice to study some language that is meant to be the "universal" language. That kinds have been made already.

And languages. Another page you should hear about is Duolingo. It is a website where you can learn different languages and it has an app too! I don't know if you can get it to Android, but for iOS there is an app. I have it and at the moment I'm learning German, French, Italian and Spanish. It's insanely easy and the app can remind you of practicing if you want to! I love it, because it's so easy. :'D Try it, if you need something to do or if you're interested in learning new languages!

How many of you know my undying obsession for Harry Potter? :D (No, I'm not wiccan because of that. I couldn't be, this is something you either are or not. There's no maybe) Well, there's a virtual Hogwarts, which isn't anything extraordinary because that kinds of role playing sites you can find many. Hogwarts is Here, or HiH like we call it, is a very extraordinary virtual Hogwarts indeed. It's the biggest I've ever seen and the most accurate. You can "study" seven different subjects if you want to, collect points for your house and stuff like that. It has over 20 000 students! At the moment the biggest house is Ravenclaw and the smallest is Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is leader in the House Cup also. ._.' Slytherins should be more active, we don't want Gryffindors to win us.

Yes, I'm a slytherin. :D I have earned 127 house points so far and my strongest subject is Astronomy. I wanted it to be History of Magic, because professor Balog is Slytherin Head of House and the headmaster, but... I'm just Exceeding Expectations. ._. And my Potions grade is Acceptable. :D Oops. But yeah, I love HiH. The creators put so much effort in it that it almost makes me cry. xD It's amazing how well it goes on and how devoted people are.

Oh gods, I'm studying imaginary subjects and almost everything else than the subjects I'm taking in Matriculation Examination. :'D I should start reading Swedish and Finnish. Really, I want that Laudatur! And A from Swedish would be amazing. So, maybe I should pay attention to the things that are important when the school starts.


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