Annoyed witch? Yes I am!

Right now we're meeting not so merrily, because I'm so annoyed about something in our world.

And it's something I came up while discussing at witchcraft forums. There is a plenty of teenagers and adults who don't understand the real power of magick. They don't understand how it works, they think they can hurt people without universe and gods getting them. They don't understand that if you ask something, you also have to give something. Nothing comes free and what goes around comes around.

Many of them search for love spells. There are some love spells which ideas I don't like. A love spell which affects only one person is something I consider a black magic. It's psychical violence when you force someone to love you and it makes me sick. How someone can live with the fact that this person is in love with me just because I bewitched him/her?! The worst thing is that you hurt someone who you say you love. If you truly loved him/her, you would leave him/her alone if they turn you down. If you truly loved someone, you would never ever hurt them. The worst way to hurt someone is to violate one physically.The wounds will never heal and one will always doubt one's own choices.You would hurt his/hers family and closest friends, because relationships affect each other.


Some of them are spells which are meant to hurt your enemies. Many of these require very special rituals and potions and if ingredient list doesn't scream for black magic, which does? Many of them require human blood and human bones. Hello! HUMAN parts. If you are ready to dig bones from someone's grave and cut yourself just to hurt someone, you should go and see psychiatrist. Really. I do know the feeling when a pure hate fills you up and tells you to do something, it's a moment of pure madness. The last thing you could do is really hurt the person who hurt you. When you cast a spell, you have to be sure that you know what you are doing. You are hurting plenty of people and the universe and gods are going to hurt you and your familiars.


And then the spells of money. There are some spells that are actually good and do no harm to others, but there are also those which are nothing but bad. If you make a spell to help you with finding a job, that's okay, but making a spell to get that promotion which was already promised to your friend. No, it doesn't matter how much you need it, you didn't earn it and it doesn't belong to you. Gods and universe will still make you pay for that.


This is something that had been bothering me quite a long time. Thanks for listening to me. :D If there is something in witchcraft which bothers or confuses you, don't be afraid to ask! I promise I'll answer. In a post or by e-mail, if you give me yours.

Now, something about posts:

I have one upcoming post about my quill and inks, but I've thought about series of posts about gods and goddesses. I thought it would be nice and interesting to make those, but it would also affect my posting rate. I'm awfully aware that there's only a few posts I've made under the name La Vida Wicca and there's still ones I made when this blog wasn't focused in witchcraft. This would guarantee you that I'm posting at least once in a month. I will try to write one per two weeks, but I know that it don't work that way, because I'm so lazy little witch. ;D

But now, merrily we part!

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Posted by Anonymous ( Sunday, March 02, 2014 )

Perhaps magic, not magick?

No, magick is a word used by wiccans. It's different from black and fictional magic. Magick is pure and it's used to good. :)

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