Merry meet!

NaNoWriMo started yesterday and I already hate my main character. Seriously, I had barely started the first chapter and he almost wanks to his perversions. Also I wrote only 1502 words, so today's goal is a bit bigger than yesterday's. This wouldn't bother me, if the story would go on without any problems, but all that I've got is problems. Gregory is a serial killer, perverted one, and at the same time he's an actor loved by the whole world. He's method actor, he plays killers and murderers. He never plays police or guy like that. He's a psycho.

I already hate myself because of this subject. I could've taken If God punishes and write it once again, but I wanted to try something else. I don't know, maybe I change somewhere in the middle of the month. :'D Wouldn't be anything new to me. Leevi and Arttu haunt me with their story, it's almost impossible to think anything but their life. Their story is very dear to me, I've been writing their story down about four years, but I'm still in the chapter three. :'D Many things have changed. Their looks are what changed the most a year or two ago. Arttu's hair changed from dark to red, Leevi's yellowed from blonde. Also, Leevi got a fixation to high heels. Yup, my boy main character loves high heels and uses them. His sister is ashamed of him, but his parents know better than that.

But if we leave my writing projects laying in my mind's dust and I'll tell you how is it going in my life at the moment.

It's going very well. We had some Canadians this week and it was awesome, I liked all of them and I feel really sad because I couldn't say goodbye to them. I was at hospital, because we watched Ghostbusters at Wednesday night, and all those lasers don't do good to my epilepsy. I got a seizure after the movie in my parents' car and it lasted longer than five minutes, so I had to go to the hospital and stay overnight. It wasn't good, I hate needles and having myself bound to some machines. It's just the negative side of epilepsy. And of course that I can't drive, it is also sooooo annoying and stuff.

But I've felt better since the seizure. Really. The awful fog around my brain is gone and I can concentrate better. I don't know why, but it's easier to meditate now. Something positive. :D *sigh* Maybe I've got to go back to my NaNo, before Gregory rapes someone.

Merry part,
and Blessed be!

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