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Now we're trying to Skype to Kinoni school in Uganda. Yup, you guessed right, there's Canadians in our lovely Finland. It's awesome to hear perfect english, it's really rare thing here. There are teachers who are good at it, but I absolutely love how naturally it comes from Canadians. Call me crazy if you want, I'm a witch already. ;) So why not a crazy witch? Here you can find a blog of our FinAl program, mostly kept by Finnish guys. Don't worry, it's all in english. :) Here's a little information, written by someone not attached to our project. This might be the Canadian version of our WordPress blog, but I'm not sure if anyone runs it anymore. More about this you cand find from Google, just search with words Finland Alberta programme.

Now it's time for apologies. Sorry I didn't do my Mabon post like I was goig to. I didn't do anything special, just thinking how my path started. I'm not telling it now because it's a long story and I have so little time, but I promise I'm not writing in Samhain. It's one of the most holy sabbaths to me. But something about my Samhain I will tell you on the first of November. If I have enough time, because I'm participating in NaNoWriMo again. I hope I'll win this year. n_n Maybe you'll get a ton of posts in the last week of November, because then I have a vacation with Simo, whole week without work or school♥

Don't get me wrong, I like school and I love education, but working and studying at the same time is way too hard sometimes. I think you guys understand what I'm talking about. So I don't have to explain how frustrated I am at sometimes. Gladly we have this kind of projects in our school. I love the FinAl project and one part of me doesn't want to leave the school at the end of this year. But life goes on, so I have to do so too. Because of this project I've got many new friends and I will keep in touch with them. If it's possible. If they want. :'D

Here's what I think about when someone tries to put me down. It's hard, but easier than getting offended.

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