Ecxitement of Samhain and moving

Tomorrow it's Samhain! I'm so excited I didn't know I could be. We have a costume day at school, and I'm dressed as goddess of the forest.

This is my dress for tomorrow! Is it good enough? I'm sorry for the bad picture, my grandma took it so it's a bit shaky. :'D By the way, an anonymous asked if I could do a post about my quill. I will do it as soon as I have all this moving things over. It may take a while, because the moving will happen with small steps in this November. So it will be out in December, if it's okay? If you want it sooner, I will go and get my quill from my parent's house.

Argh soon it's first of November and then we have NaNoWriMo. I don't even know how my main character kills his victims! I'm writing about an actor, who always plays serial killers and murderers, but as a plot twist, he's a method actor who really kills people like his character. He's a psycho, who has studied criminology at university and has a degree at forensics. So he knows how to not get caught.

Oh, and yesterday I went to bed at 4PM and woke up today at 6AM. :'D I was like 'whoops!' when I woke up... But at school I wasn't tired at all, but some kind of a fog was around my brain. I don't know how to explain it properly, but it is the feeling I have. I know it sounds weird, but my life usually is. Weird, I mean. :'D

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