Woah I wrote a long post! :o

Teijo really likes to bring us down to D002. :'D Maybe he's spying my blog entries?

Okay, now I'm telling a little bit of my day, because I planned to make a post about my Wiccan Rede and this kind of stuff later today. I'm not sure if I manage to do that, because today I'm getting my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince♥ And yesterday I went to bed like 6PM, I slept over 13 hours. I felt really rested at my maths exam but unfortunately I didn't have a calculator, so I just had to try and use my head. Which is really bad at maths, so. I think I'm getting F from this. :'D

Yesterday I did another maths exam and I think it went quite well. Well, it's fourth time I try to get that course through, so I really hope I got something else than F. Tomorrow, English exam♥ Monday I luckily don't have any exams, but I'm doing my matriculation examination of psychology... I'm a bit excited about that. And nervous. I think I'm going to throw up.

Also, I'm thinking about my fanfics and own projects. If God Punishes has been my number one project for ages (okay, only like four years), so this year I'm trying NaNoWriMo with Actor's work. It tells about an methodic actor, who usually plays murderers and serial killers. So he's a serial killer and also an actor, whose every mother's dream son-in-law.

Quite disturbing idea. The main character's name is kinda stolen from Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman. My main character is named Gregory Herdman. Gregory Goyle + his actor = Gregory Herdman. In the other ways they are not same. Not at all, I'd say. He's really cunning and evil, but Josh Herdman is a very lovely guy. Or I want to think he is. Don't tell me the truth, some things just have to stay just like they are.

I went to Subway today and believe me, I'm not going again anytime soon. It was good but way too filling. Ungh, now I'm feeling odd. And going to throw up. xD

We should be doing some practices, but here I am in the internet and searching new kinds of knowledge about wicca and witchcraft. At least, I'm a very inquisitive person. Not about maths, but about foreign languages, psychology, philosophy and witchcraft. Modern or medieval, don't care. Knowledge is power, but power comes with a great responsibility. I don't think I want to be powerful, I just want to know a lot of things.

I found a page named Witchcraft, which I read a little while and it has a nice outfit, but I'm afraid it isn't really good site to find information. Yes, you can find free spells from there, but that's not how the craft works. You have to do a lot of work before your spells actually start to work. My first spell was a desperate SOS call to gods. I had had really bad headaches and medicines weren't working anymore, so I had to figure out something else. I found a blog from finnish witch (it's in finnish, sorry!), where was a spell to drive away pains. I tried it, it was my last hope, and when it worked, I cried and prayed. I thanked the gods of this page and asked them to bless this witch, who helped me unknowingly. I also promised to be as good person I can, it was the moment when I realized I really was a witch.

That I'm not christian, that I'm wiccan. Proud and kind little witch. :) I started to meditate when I was a 12-year-old kid interested in magick and things like that. I fell in love with the feeling while meditating. Like I was floating in the air or in the ocean, endless silence and peace. It's still one of my favourite things to do and I really am more stressed when I don't have a time to meditate.

You should try it too, meditating is easy and fun! It's great way to give your brains a break between studies or work. I've noticed that my learning increases when I have chances to meditate. Here is a great tips for you to try meditating. Don't worry, the first time is always the hardest. :) Sometimes even I have to work with concentration (I have a running mind which isn't easily rested).

Often, almost always, I use a meditating music. It helps me to get rid of flowing thoughts and relax my muscles. You would be surprised how tense you are when you are laying on your back. I usually meditate laying on my bed, because it's easier to relax yourself than sitting on the floor. Find your own way to do it, YouTube has a great amount of meditating music, just pick your favourite!

This is my favourite music during homework

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