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Hi guys! Yesterday I asked Renée's address, so I can send her a letter. I could have e-mailed to her, but I like the old-fashioned style better. It's nice to read someone's handwriting and think person really thought you while writing it. When you write a letter to someone, you try your best at making it readable and at the moment you think about receiver. It's nice to imagine other's expressions and happiness, when they get a letter which can be touched and kept hanging on the wall if it brings happiness. I want to make my letter special, not because it comes from Finland, but also because I care about Renée and our friendship. Every letter I write, I try to make special. Every letter is a gift, very ordinary, but never boring. It depends how much you spend your time and interest to it. Writing letters isn't just changing your opinions and how-you're-doings, it's art and really great hobby. I've been writing letters since I learned all alphabets, my second cousin Laura wrote letters to me and I answered to her. We wrote each other for over ten years, before we started texting and chatting in Facebook. It's sad, but fortunately I know if I want to write a letter, she's always eager to answer.

My friend Tanja is also very fond of letters. When she was au pair at Germany, I wrote her Harry Potter -themed letter and she was so glad I thought she's going to cry. :'D I almost cried when I got a letter from her. It feels good to get a letter from someone you like, not always bills or anything like that. Letters are forgotten way of express itself and communicate with a friend. Some times I almost hope that I find a guy who can write me a letter. Just to tell me what he has been doing at the cottage of his granparents. It would be sweet and cute.

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