Friggin' long day, but also very good

At last I get some time to update things. Renée is now here, and she's sleeping (I'm glad of that, she was so tired!) and I'm watching Half-Blood Prince with my parents. She came here yesterday and I couldn't think anything but what she's going to think about my parents and home and Seinäjoki and... Oh gods, I was really nervous. But for nothing, because she seemed to like my home, parents and my dad's soup. And I haven't been worried anymore. Today we went shopping with Moira, Jenni, Aisha and Aleksi. It was really fun, we went to all shoe stores in Seinäjoki, but didn't find anything. I found, but I don't have enough money to buy them... What a shame. :'D I believe that my mom doesn't think so. We also went to the movies.

This movie was great and funny. I laughed many times! But that guy's best friend was awful, creepy little bastard. Pervert, I'd say. Simon Baker as an American guy was really awesome. I've never thought he's handsome, but now I had to make a little "wow" in my head.

Tomorrow we're going to Lankari, it's a camping place in Koura. Really beautiful place at the summer, but I don't know how muddy it is now. I've been there only once, and it was my relative's wedding. Tomorrow we're going to sauna, hole int he ice and that kind of things. It's a farewell party for the Italians, who are leaving at wednesday. Today we worked with the Italians, or at least we tried to. They didn't answer properly or not at all. They talked italian with each other and we used finnish with finns. Moira and Renée must have felt bad, because they didn't understand anyone. It wasn't fair, and I feel guilty. I just told about Wiccan religion to Mirella and her friend, I just don't remember his name. xD I read them Tarot and we talked about religion. It was great to see, that christian young people really can accept other people's religions.

I'm really tired and I really should go to sleep, but there is Harry Potter movie coming from the TV. I'm totally not going to anywhere.


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