well, hello

I can't believe there's only four days until I'm leaving Finland behind me. I'm excited and anxious at the same time, but I hope everything goes right. Oh gods. I must wake up at five AM sunday and then I spend more than a five hours sitting in a stinky bus. But I'm used to it. And I'm taking three or four books with me and my broken iPod. And of course my cellphone. Before leaving Finland I can text with my friends. (Read: I'm going to wake them up at six and keep them up until whe reach Helsinki.)

Tomorrow is a Valentine's Day and I have to say one thing: it's the most useless day ever. Friends should be celebrated every day! If you truly love your friends, you show it to them every day. And if you're in relationship, you respect and appreciate it every day. If it isn't so, then you're straight from the ass. Simple as that.

2.13.2013 Time 11:04:00 am

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