aristocatssound very good in finnish

Tomorrow is the big day, I'm heading to Canada!

I've got to wake up 4:30 AM and our bus to Helsinki leaves at 6:00 AM from my school's front yard. I'm so nervous and yet excited I'm going to throw up. Now I only read to get away from the ticking clock and waiting. I'm reading Abarat by Clive Barker now, and I'm extremely happy it's very addictive book. It was hard to stop reading and open the computer. I wanted to update my blogs, this and my finnish one, before I leave. And before going to sleep. :'D Pretty ridiculous thought that my blog could stop me from falling asleep, but that's true. Especially when I'm excited and nervous.

Right now I'm hoping everything goes well. I'm really afraid if something happens while I'm there, but I've talked about that before. But now my fears are bigger, because leaving time is so close. 8/ And I just found out Miiku doesn't play finnish baseball anymore and it was shocking news, because he was made to play it. Maybe he just wants to concentrate to school right now, he's very sensible boy who knows what's doing.

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