Good afternoon

Lauri is annoying me AGAIN. I'm glad because Teijo isn't here to help him do so. Johanna is our teacher today, and she's a very nice lady. But I'm nervous as hell. My writings aren't going very well. I'm stressed and any of my characters aren't listening to me! Mikael is really nice, but his mother is a big problem.

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Good Morning everyone! I'm at english lesson again and at this time Teijo isn't here. He's at Sweden, and I can't keep myself from wondering how he ever gets time to do his job from all these trips he makes. In example, we are going to Canada with him in 17.2.. I'm really excited about this, I've never been at the airplane before! And my first flight is about 20 hours, so... Pretty long time to panic, right? :D I've been only at Estonia, two times, but never this far away. I mean, there's Atlantic Ocean between me and my family! What if something happens to me while I'm there or here happens something not-so-nice? It's only thing I'm worried. And of course I'm worried if I really can speak english so good that they understand me. I'm so afraid I mess things up and everyone there hates me. It makes me nervous.

And I'm tired and stressed. I think I'm going to die...

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i'm dying here

I'm at the english lesson and I want to write this argumentative essay, but writer's block is bullying me again. Because of stress, I think. I'm tired and disappointed and I just want to go home and sleep this world away. Or watch Lion King 2 again, but my tvs remote control has disappeared.

My head is going to explode. This robot thing, all assingments and my lines in drama diploma... Please just kill me.

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