Long time, no see...

I'm sorry for this big break, but I've been so busy with NaNoWriMo and school. During first period I had five courses, with maths, russian and physics, and during the second I had SIX courses (I almost died, seriously, a lot of work and so little time). Now I have six courses, but the sixth one is easy and I don't have exam of it. In this period I'm learning latin, russian, maths, history, acting and english (which is teached in english, I'm excited how I'm going to manage). And with my Nano I'm going crazy, my characters are totally not listening to me. Leevi got beaten up, Arttu doesn't notice his parents being nazis and monsters and ARRGGGGGH my plot is going a wrong way! If that's not enough, I'm 4 000 words behind in a word count.

But that's not my biggest problem at the moment, yesterday I was at my friends house watching movies (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Beetlejuice) and I think there's mould in her house. I'm allergic to moud, so my symptoms are not easy. I exposed to it about five hours, so my thorat is painful and a little swell. Also my nose's mucosa is a little swell too. Sorry for being this gross, but I can't complain to any other place or any other person. So you have to listen my problems. :'D But those two movies were awesome. Michael Keaton is my favourite Batman, and he is really awesome actor! I laughed my ass off many times.
Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice)
And Scott Pilgrim is one of my favourite movies. Its plot is great, funny and newish. Nerdish too, but that doesn't matter. And I love Michael Cera. :'D

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