The very first post

Hello! :D So, this is my brand new blog and a very first post. Oh my, I got to fight with this layout for ages! I found a nice layout, tried it and found it ugly or more or less impractical. Then I found absolutely perfect layout, but I couldn't download it because the site was so complicated. Then I found this and one more girly, but I found this more comfortable. It kind of suits me, because I'm not very positive person, I'm pessimist and a Batman fan. Actually Joker fan, I don't like Batman as a superhero, but Bruce Wayne is a nice guy. Bad boys are more attractive in my opinion, but that's not all. One of my fictional crushes is Fred Weasley, totally not a bad guy. But it's a fact, that every villain is hero in his own mind. (And this was said by Tom Hiddleston, who's voice is pure voice porn.)

But yay, I'm going to Estonia next week! :D New shoes new shoes I WANNA NEW SHOES. Yep. I loooove shoes, almost as much as I love books. (And still I have only three pairs of high heels, and ones I don't even use, because they make my feet look huge.) My favourite shoe brand is Duffy, I love those shoes. I have one pair of Duffy's, and they make my feet look small and pretty, and I can wear three sizes less than usually!

Absolutely gorgeous, aren't they? Especially those brown ones. Stylish, but not too catwalk-like. What do you think?

7.07.2012 Time 1:57:00 pm

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