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Back on Finland again! Estonia was fun, except there was too hot to me. I'm used to +20 Celsius degrees, but there was almost thirty or twenty-five. I had to drink all the time, but I don't mind. I had Pepsi, so everything was almost perfect. :D I bought a professional hair straightener (cost about fifty euros and I haven't seen more stylish straightener ever), hair brush (six euros), ecohairspray (10,20), mineral makeup powder (cost 35, but really worth it), face cleaning thing, totally worth for it's price, 45 euros. And from bus trip I bought Tommy Tabermann's book Veren sokeri (Boold sugar in english, collection of his poems) and it cost something about six euros. Was worth it, totally. I love Tabermann's poems, they're a bit erotic sometimes, but there is some hidden  wisdoms about love and life. And marriage. Very good poet.

I want to be a poet someday. Actually I just want to be writer. But I have writer's block on all the time! I just can't write normally anymore, it goes and comes with inspiration. I can write only poems at the moment, nothing more. I want to write a book, and I have everything ready. I have planned the plot, the characters, everything. Only thing that's missing is the text. But I can't write it. Maybe because I planned it too much...

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